ItellaTYVI Pro

The ItellaTYVI Pro ID is intended for professional use, such as for accounting agencies and in-house financial administration departments. By using the ItellaTYVI Pro service, with one user ID and password you reach all the organizations in the ItellaTYVI service that receive declarations.

If necessary, you can conduct business with different authorities directly from, for example, your bookkeeping or payroll application. Declarations can also be made from the ItellaTYVI service by using the electronic forms that are always up-to-date.

By using an ItellaTYVI Pro ID, accounting agencies can handle the statutory declarations of all their client companies.

The ItellaTYVI service provides the possibility to archive, print, and copy the declarations filed earlier as the basis for a new declaration.

All OpusCapita Service Desk services are included in the ItellaTYVI Pro ID.

Service hours 9 a.m.–4 p.m. EET for general customer inquiries

Price List

The monthly payment depends on the number of companies under the obligation to make a declaration that are linked to the ItellaTYVI Pro user ID:

Since 1.1.2013


Monthly payment


28 euros/mth


30 euros/mth


35 euros/mth


65 euros/mth


50 euros/mth


80 euros/mth


95 euros/mth


120 euros/mth


160 euros/mth

Fees do not include VAT

Fees do not include the data transfer connection or its costs between the declarant and the ItellaTYVI service.

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